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PeacePulse is inspired by, supports and builds on just-a-minute – taking a minute of silence to take Pressure Off and turn personal Power On. Our vision for PeacePulse is of millions of people with different beliefs, mindsets and attitudes choosing to share silence, hourly, around the world.

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What People Say
PeacePulse in business.
Created by Morel Fourman, United Kingdom on 19/09/2006
We have been using the practice of silence extensively for some months at Gaiasoft. The result is a sense of coherence and love amongst the team and personal transformation happening with ease and grace, not to mention ease of alignment, decision making and flow.

It works.
Created by Nickolette Assy on 12/09/2006
It really works, stop and take a moment ....breath.....

PeacePulse brings renewed clarity to my day.
Created by Rebel Holiday from United States on 09/06/2006
After taking a moment, I feel more present. I am able to look at my activity and often have a new perspective or insight.

I find taking a minute is refreshing.
Created by Chris Parkhouse from Thailand on 05/09/2006
Taking a minute every hour helps me to unwind, reflect and focus. Often answers that are waiting to come out emerge during my PeacePulse.